Friday, November 5, 2010


I got a little distracted by a five year olds birthday and visiting relatives, so I have been a naughty little blogger!

But I am back now, and with a finished project!

Meet Haruni

Isn't she pretty?

This is her second life.  See, she started out like this:

But unfortunately, my not so little man didn't fit into it.  Probably a good thing seeing as it is not a superwash wool and not such a good choice of yarn for a small's jumper!  So she was frogged into this mess:

and then I learned how to spit splice,

and then of course knitted up into this little beauty:

Pattern:  Haruni by Emily Ross
Yarn:  Araucania Ranco Solid in green (well duh!)
Needles:  3.5mm Knitpicks Options Interchangeable Circular

I did one less repeat of the first chart as I was worried that I would run out of yarn.  So that coupled with the fact that my gauge was off has made this into a much smaller shawl.  Perfect for wearing as a scarf and just what I was aiming for.

The pattern has two different bind off options - a crochet bind off or an i-cord bind off.  I opted for the crochet bind off because I really wanted to get it finished and thought it would be the quicker option.  Little did I know that I struggled to get the crochet hook through every single k3tog and the entire bind off took nearly two hours!  

I love this knit, and it is to date my favourite project. 


Bells said...

Oh it's lovely. So pretty. I can't believe I've never tried it because it's breathtaking. Be very proud. It's beautiful.

I wonder what an icord bind off would look like?

Leonie said...

Wow! It's beautiful. I'm not really a shawl wearer but maybe if I had a beauty like that one I would :-)

Sheridan said...

that is awesome and would really suit you!!

Anonymous said...

it should be your favourite, its just gorgeous! such a great mix of colour and pattern. well done.


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