Thursday, October 16, 2008


My wonderful, smart, inquisitive, loving, articulate, creative little girl is three. Where have the years gone. It seems only yesterday that we welcomed this tiny little person into our home and our hearts.

Happy Birthday Sweetie! We love you!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Southern Summer of Socks

I have just signed up for the Southern Summer of Socks, I think I have mentioned before that I have only knit one pair of socks in my life and I have been wanting to learn a few new things and get a few new pair of socks. I would like to stretch my wings a little and try my hand at some toe up socks and some pretty lace ones. So The Firstarter, Spring Forward and Spindle Socks are at the top of my Ravelry queue. I don't think I am being too ambitious trying to finish these four pair (including the No Tears for my sister) be the end of the Summer. At least I will try my best, but with a Husband, two small children and a house to look after I am not promising anything.

How did I celebrate such an occasion? By ripping out the No Tears Socks I was working on for my lil sister's birthday! I need to go up a needle size because they were turning out too small. I had been thinking that since about half way down the leg, but continued hoping I was wrong. I turned the heel and tried them on and the are too small for me, so would be super tight on lil sis (her feet are wider than mine). She wasn't getting them for her birthday anyway because Noo let the cat out of the bag and she is expecting them. So she will get them for Christmas. Gotta find some 2.5mm needles first.

It has been a little crazy around here the last couple of days, with Soldier away and the changes in time due to daylight savings. GRRRRR! I just can't seem to get us back into some kind of routine. Noo didn't go to bed until 9.30 last night. Pity she didn't sleep in this morning.

They Boy has learned to roll over. Now, most babies perfect the rolling from tummy to back first. Not my little one, he has decided to go for it and learn to roll from back to tummy. Such a pity that he hates being on his belly and he can't roll back yet. So what is a boy to do? Scream the house down until I come and roll him over, and just for kicks he immediately rolls over again.


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