Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Look what I got!!

I have been wanting to learn to spin for an age. After reading a few blogs lately, I have become more and more inspired. So after much research and a little persuasion, look what my darling Pa made for me:

I also bought some roving at Spotlight (I know, I know, but it is the only place in this town that would carry it),

and I have started spinning. I don't have any photos of the yarn yet, and because I am lazy and it would require me getting of my lazy butt, you will have to wait for another time.

The Color Me is finally photographed:

I took the kids for a little shopping trip on Monday, I didn't need anything, I just wanted to get out of the house for a few hours. We had lunch and I picked up a few essentials.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Stuff n Nonsense

Well, I go home to the wonderful Soldier in a week. Home to cuddles, my kitchen, my bed, my stuff. I can't wait to go home and get some normalcy and routine back into my life, however I am really going to miss seeing my family on a day to day basis. As annoying as it can be to have to work around so many other people, I will miss them and all the help they have given me over the last five months. So sometimes I am really happy to be going home and others I am really sad. Drives me nuts.

I am packing up all our stuff, trying to fit it all into two large packing boxes (who am I trying to kid), and working out what stuff I can leave here. Can someone explain to me how the smallest member of my family has the biggest suitcase. I am also in a quandry over how many cloth nappies (I use these
, can't rave about them enough - might leave that for another post though.) I have to pack in the boxes and how many to take with me. There might be a lag of a few days to a week between when I get home and when the boxes will.

Noo will be happy to be in her own room and in her 'big bed' again, and The Boy has almost outgrown his cradle and will have to make the move to his cot when we get home. Not sure how I feel about that, but I will have to get over it. The Boy is growing up waaaaay too fast for my liking.

The Color Me is done and I am mostly happy with it. Pictures tomorrow (or the day after) when the batteries for the camera are charged and I get off my butt and take some. I decided not to do the lettering, because I didn't really like the way I crocheted them, nothing wrong with the pattern just me!! Might also have something to do with being too lazy too!! Hmmmm....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just a Mum??

I was at Virgin Mobile with my children a little while ago, signing up for a new mobile account. The guy behind the counter was asking me all the necessary questions, name, date of birth etc, and when we got to the question about employment he asked me what my job was and I told him that I am a Mum. He looked at my son who was dozing in my arms and said "I can see that, but do you have a job, or are you just a Mum?" I very politely informed him that being a Mum is my job, and no I don't have a job that pays money.

It got me thinking about how the world at large sees stay at home parents. How is not having an income make you "Just a Mum"? Sometimes, I wonder if I am being a little defensive regarding the way Soldier and I have decided to raise our children and live our lives. I worked before I had children and I will work school hours when my last child is at school. Does that mean that I was/will be more productive and contribute more to society whilst I am working.

The first thing that comes up when you meet someone new is what you do for a living. More often than not I am greated with silence when I say I am a wife and mother. People just do not know what to say next.

I find myself wishing that I was born fifty years earlier, when what I "do" with myself was more mainstream, and then I remember that there was no internet in the 50s and I very quickly change my mind.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Uh Oh!!

See this mess:

This was three very expensive dummies. I was happily sidetracked with the children, while they were happily boiling dry and melting into one huge mess.

The good news is the saucepan survived, the bad news is I had to replace them at nearly eight bucks each.

Oops - Lesson learned, I alway stand next to the boiling saucepan and wait the five minutes now.


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