Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Well he was home.....

It has been chaos around here lately. Soldier received a call on his mobile on Thursday. It was from his work. I didn't like the look he had on his face for the duration of the call. Turns out he was to be deployed again - on Monday! Three days before Christmas.

We, thankfully, did have most of the Christmas shopping done. All the pressies had been wrapped and the tree was up and decorated, and the most of the food had been purchased, but there is always the little loose ends that need to the tied up. I hate loose ends. Now I have to do all that by myself.

So he left me yesterday afternoon, with about a squillion things to do. At least the socks for my sister are done. My very first adult sized socks. I am very happy with them, but being the scatterbrain I am at the moment (can I still blame baby brain??) I forgot to take photos of them before I lovingly wrapped them up and placed them under the tree. So you will have to wait until the paper is torn off and I can take some shots.

The Boy has decided that he prefers to view his world from the seated position and gets very cranky if you put him on the floor in any other configuration. He can't do it by himself yet so is very frustrated on his belly. He has managed to work out how to get down on his belly from sitting up too. Which delights his greatly. Now he can chase his sister and the cat around the room. He is still commando crawling, and has the carpet burns on his legs to prove it.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

He is home!!

Soldier is home. A lot earlier than we thought too. Home in time for Christmas. We are so excited. Time to get organised, put up the tree, write shopping and gift lists, and get the house visitor ready.

He is home just in time to look after us all as well. Noo, The Boy and I are all sick and it has made for a lot of sleepless nights and crying filled days, and that is just me! Luckily we have Soldier to look after us.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Kris Kringle

I have been a part of an online forum for expectant parents since I was about 6 weeks pregnant with The Boy. I have found it a wonderful source of support, laughter and advice. There has never been one cross word or nasty post in the entire time I have been part of the board. Unlike some of the other forums I read.

Our babies are all now six and seven months old and growing rapidly. The Boy is no exception. Out of about 70 expectant Mummies there are about 20 or so of us who are still posting and meeting up in our various cities around the country. We have decided to do a Kris Kringle for the bubbies, and I drew a gorgeous little girl.

I decided to make her a knitted caterpillar and a bib. The bib is a complete knock off of one I saw on a blog somewhere (sorry I don't know who) and loved. I really hope her Mum loves them.

Sometimes I am not sure how much people like handmade gifts. I know I love them, but others prefer to receive something that is store bought. I don't know the Mum, so I can't gauge what kinds of things she likes.

I wonder who drew The Boy!!


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