Monday, August 30, 2010


Yesterday we took a little family road trip to Daylesford in country Victoria.  Soldier spent about five of his early pre-teen and teen years in this delightful little town.  He wanted to show the smalls and I where he used to live.

We saw a sign for the Chocolate Mill and decided to stop to take a look.

It wasn't at all what I had expected, and to tell you the truth I was a little disappointed.  I thought we would see the chocolate being made, but all we found was a room where you could buy some very overpriced chocolate and a cafe where you could buy some similarly overprice drinks.  We didn't spend long there.  But we did take a walk around the garden at the front and found some great art pieces.

From there we went out of town a small distance to where Soldier lived on a small sheep farm.  There are no sheep there now, and the property is for sale.  Soldier commented that the weatherboard house is much smaller than he remembers and so was the wool shed.  That seemed to be a common theme running through the day.  Soldier was constantly saying that everything looked bigger then.  I guess to small 13-14 year old eyes everything looks huge.

From there we visited the local markets where there was lots of handknits and other woollies on sale.  I saw a lot of little hats and mitts being sold at ridiculously low prices, and lots of junk.  I did manage to score 200g of cotton yarn for $2.

We also saw the old lock up

the old Policeman's Quarters

lots of sheep, the wall around the oval at Soldier's old primary school where he knocked himself out, the old fountain that his mother nearly hit in their Morris Miner on a icy morning, and lots of art work.  Around every corner was a new memory for my Soldier and it was so much fun to be able to explore and remember with him. 

I told Soldier on the way home that if he ever asked me to move to Daylesford, my answer would be yes in a heartbeat.  And it is the little things like this

that make me say that!


Anonymous said...

i was so surprised at how beautiful the countryside was around there. next time you go, make sure you stop off in kyneton, theres a rather good little yarn store there! (just sayin')

Kate said...

I remember visiting there a few years ago and it was gorgeous, I think I could move their too.


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