Tuesday, June 22, 2010


There was a couple of things that I did when Rhianna and Rylan were first born.

They both wore was this little outfit.


It isn't anything particularly special in terms of beauty, it's just a little green wondersuit and hat, but because it was the very first piece of clothing they both wore makes it very special to me.  Three will wear it as his/her first outfit too.

They both slept here for at least the first three months of their lives.  Right next to my side of the bed.

This little cradle has a bit of history in my family.  My cousin's first three children slept here, and then my two did.  Three will sleep here too.

I also made Rhianna and Rylan a cradle/pram sized crochet blanket.  Rhianna has a ripple pattern and Rylan a shell pattern.  These blankets have been well loved and I can't find any photos of them.  Rylan still uses Rhianna's in the pram.
Three will have one too.


Sheridan said...

How gorgeous. Such an exciting time, the countdown is on now.


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