Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Socki Cardi

I have had the knitting of this little cardigan finished for Three for a few weeks now, but this morning I stole a few moments to sew on the buttons and take some photos.  It's funny how when you actually sit down to finish something just how quickly it all comes together.

Pattern:  Scrappy Socky Stripey Cardi by Fawn Pea
Yarn:  Knitabulous Merino Sock - Salwaar Kameez, this was the first parcel from the Indian Summer Yarn Club
Needles:  3.5mm Knitpicks Interchangeable Circular

I changed a couple of things with this little knit.  I shortened the length of the body to eight inches and the sleeves to six inches, and I knit button holes into the band because I thought the little loops might be too girly and Three won't be revealing his or her gender until June.

On the baby front, I had a midwife appointment yesterday and everything is all good and boring!  The best kind of pregnancy.

M xx


Leonie said...

Congrats, boring is reassuring!! Love the green it's gorgeous and as planned can be worn by whatever baby three turns out to be! How are your Tuesday mornings going? Time in there for a knit fest at a (sort of) Cafe?


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