Monday, June 15, 2009

This Week....

Back by popular demand (Hi Miss Fee!!)

This week I have....

  1. spent a wonderful afternoon in the company of about 80 knitters at Darling Harbour, celebrating World Wide Knit In Public Day,
  2. kicked myself because I am a dill and didn't take my camera to WWKIP Day, so I have no photos,
  3. Sung until my throat was sore and my voice nearly gone at the P!nk concert with Little Sister,
  4. gone to Wollongong to see the Cowboys play the Dragons,
  5. not been very happy when outcome wasn't what I wanted. Dragons 32, Cowboys 18 :(,
  6. maybe, just maybe found my knitting mojo,
  7. watched as The Boy has learned how to climb on the couch, the ottoman, the TV cabinet, (insert any high surface here),
  8. wondered how Soldier managed to keep the house clean while I was out on Saturday, when I can't do it on a day to day basis,
  9. looked into booking a snow holiday, and
  10. looked forward to joining a new knitting group tomorrow.


missfee said...

yay for a list

and for knitters


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